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During the mid 1980's, the owners of a London based American-style restaurant decided to launch a new product called Baby Back Ribs. A hugely popular item on menus in the USA, the ribs soon proved a big hit in London too.

As demand grew and new rib variants were launched, the owners began to give serious thought to the idea of creating an authentic Mexican and American food service business aimed at restaurants and caterers. The result was Funnybones Foodservice (the name comes from the fact that restaurant-goers would refer to the Baby Back Ribs as 'those funny little bones') and success was quick to follow.

In a little under 30 years, Funnybones has gone from strength to strength; today, we remain a market leader and continue to be the leading importer and distributor of innovative, multi-temperature Mexican and American foods in the UK food and catering sectors. Now part of the GraceKennedy Group, our offer has expanded further as a result of new ethnic and global influences creating a portfolio of extensive quality branded products to suit all tastes and styles.

Come and see what has developed from those 'funny little bones'.