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Product code 5651
Description Jamacian Saltfish Patty
Pack size 20x150G
Status Frozen
Splittable No
Approx. count
Vegetarian No
The perfectly golden colour is a key indicator to the taste to come. The tasty flakes of pastry promise a great crunchy bite that will crumble into your mouth. That wonderful crunch of pastry gives way to a spicy flavourful filling that has a smooth gravy like quality that rounds out the Perfect Patty experience. Our Saltfish patties are made with Boneless salted cod with a mixed vegetable medley cooked with spices and mixed herbs. Saltfish is also famous with Ackee as it is Jamaica’s National dish. Our patties allow you to enjoy this treat hassle free as it is time consuming to make!
Bake from Frozen or Defrosted. For best results bake from defrosted @180 degrees C for 8 -10 mins.
These cooking instructions are a guideline only, due to the natural variation in ingredients and variations between cooking appliances. These guidelines do not supersede guidelines or procedures put in place by your company or place of work.
Always ensure that product is piping hot and reached the correct core temperature before serving.
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