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In our very own words...

Marja Lawrence, Operations Manager

“After 22 years of working in the Food Industry and 9 of those years being spent here at Funnybones, I still get excited everyday about the job. No two days are ever the same, so I’m constantly kept on my toes, not only by our customers but my team as well. I believe this year will be a phenomenal year for us, not only in terms of growth but also diversity of our meal solutions. I look forward to the opportunity of working with each of our customers in providing the best value to their consumers I’m only a phone call away”

Sarah Bond, National Accounts Manager

“A bit about me… I’ve worked in foodservice for over twenty years and am passionate about food and in particular about innovation and creativity. When I’m not working I’m usually planning my next trip away as I really only work so that I can buy my next plane ticket. I do try to get to gym to burn off all the calories but, in all truth, I’m more likely to be found in the cinema!”

Chris Robb, National Account Manager

“Annually optimistic, but ultimately disappointed Gooner living in the countryside with a menagerie of livestock: cats, chickens, gerbils, fish & water buffalo. Understanding, patient wife and brilliant but occasionally tiresome children complete the domestic scene. Phobia of parking bollards.”

Neil Leggat, Key Account Manager

“Neil started his catering career in the health service, eventually taking up the role of kitchen manager for staff and consultants, He then joined Toby restaurants as executive chef, and opened around 20 themed restaurants for them, His present position with Grace foods is that of key account manager, covering the home counties, now in his 20th year with Funnybones, his hobbies include cookery, gardening, football and amateur dramatics.”

Peter Hamilton, Area Sales Manager

“Peter Hamilton - The Scotsman in the team who can also speak fluent English! A father, a lover, a golfer and a rocker, some say he has it all. This guitar playing, club swinging, family man can also be found in Paradise on occasion watching his beloved Celtic. Passionate for both food and service, he finds himself in the perfect role, driving new and exciting world food trends across Scotland.”

Key Derbyshire, Territory Account Manager

Ray Hammond, Area Sales Manager

“I'm Ray although youngest been here a long time. Funnybones through and through.”

Jan Alderman, Area Sales Manager

“I Joined Funnybones in 2014 and love being a part of the team. Hobbies include Airsoft, fishing and watching movies (if you can call it a hobby) I work hard and taco my job seriously”

Gina Board, Customer Service Manager

This Spring Chicken has been roosting here for so long, I should be known as 'Mother Hen'.

Leanne Sperring, Customer Service

"I have been with Funnybones for 14 years now (that’s nearly half of my life!) my job role is sales support which means not only do I benefit from making relationships with our customer but also with my colleagues. I am a very sociable person, I love my job, the team I work with and couldn’t imagine working anywhere else. Funnybones is a really exciting business with fresh and modern ideas. We try to put our customer needs at the root of everything in order to provide the best service possible!!

Bethany Robers, Customer Service

Sophie Hills, Customer Service

“Known in the office at the OCD freak who finds pleasure in cleaning my colleagues desk when not looking, still a fresh member of the team and enjoy learning the food industry each day….diet hasent gone too well since starting here”

Tom Styman-Heighton, Company Development Chef

I made my first prawn cocktail at 16 in a pub kitchen (showing my age with that one) and did the whole hotel and event catering thing, but that is no good for family life so moved to directors dining, contract catering, value add manufacturing and then to Funnybones a number of years ago. I love the team that I work with, they are so passionate but love to have a laugh too. I hope that I support our customers in these trying times with new ideas, products and support. I could not do this without my amazing wife who has some great ideas too, a son who loves to try our new products and “Red” the Cocker Spaniel that keeps me sane.