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Hot Dogs are the Hottest trend
27 August 2013
Hot Dogs are the Hottest trend
Here is an interesting article from the Caterer and HotelKeeper regarding foods trends, imparticular the emerging gourmet Hot Dog market:-

Hot dogs muscling in as American staples dominate chain menus by James Stagg
    American menu staples such as hot dogs, pulled pork and chicken wings are nudging traditional favourites such as mixed grills and lasagne from chain menus as diners increasingly opt for indulgent choices.
According to Horizons’ Menurama survey of 115 chain pub and restaurants, hot dogs have moved into the top 20 ranking at the expense of scampi and chips. It found that hot dogs are featured in 85% more menus that they were last year. Pulled pork, chicken wings and ribs are also being offered more frequently than last year. Beef burgers remain the most frequently listed, up 13% on last year. 
    Horizons director of services Nicola Knight said: “We have been surprised by these Menurama results, which show a significant growth of meat-based, American-style dishes across the menus of a broad selection of eating out establishments. “Since last year we have also seen a decline in the use of healthy eating descriptions, perhaps as operators steer their menus towards indulgence.” S
   She added that dishes such as mixed grills, beef lasagne, Sunday lunch and chicken curry showed the greatest decline. Steak is as popular as ever, with rib eye, rump and sirloin showing year on year growth. However, they are being served in smaller weights than last year. Beef burgers are also lighter, at 6.35 oz. compared to 7.69 oz. in 2010. The average price of a main course burger is now £9.27, while a hot dog averages £6.12.
     Knight added: “Against a backdrop of rising food costs and squeezed consumer spend, the reduction in weight of key meat dishes demonstrates that operators are having to become more savvy with regard to menu and price engineering. “This could explain the huge growth in hot dogs on menus – they are relatively cheap to produce and operators can easily add value to them enabling them to charge more.”