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PORK ON THE FORK  Pulled pork in a crispy crumb. Yum!
06 December 2016
PORK ON THE FORK Pulled pork in a crispy crumb. Yum!
Looking for something a little different to offer your customers? Funnybones Foodservice, the American and Mexican food specialist, has recently introduced Pulled Pork and BBQ Apple bites - crispy, tangy, juicy mouthfuls of pulled pork which can be served in numerous ways.

Pulled pork is now a firm favourite in this country, but it orginates from America where it is made from pork shoulders or as they are called in the US “Boston Butts” which is normally shorten to just “Butts”. Long, slow cooking breaks down the connective tissue in the joint and makes the meat soft and tender enough to pull into shreds.

The new bites from Funnybones are made from tender pulled pork that is bound with an apple BBQ sauce, and coated in a crispy crumb. They make an innovative way to serve pulled pork which is increasingly popular with customers, offering tempting mouthfuls of the delicious meat ideal for smaller portions.

There are countless ways to serve these pulled pork bites. Try them as part of a tapas offering, as bar snacks or as a starter with BBQ sauce dip. Or offer them as part of a Tex Mex themed serving platter complete with salsa, tortilla chips, guacamole and BBQ wings. They would also make a good kids meal served with some salad or corn on the cob and maybe a few sweet potato fries.

“As American and Tex-Mex food specialists we like to offer the true flavours of North and South America to our customers,” explains Tom Styman-Heighton, Development Chef at Funnybones Foodservice. “Here we’ve taken an American classic and given it a whole new look – still delicious, still full of flavour – just in an easy to eat form.”

Quick and simple to serve, these little nuggets of flavour come in bags of 31-33 pieces and take only 3-5 minutes to deep fry from frozen. They are unique to Funnybones Foodservice.