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Funnybones Wins
27 August 2013
Funnybones Wins

 Funnybones wins Americana Burger Bun competition for their “Old MacDonald’s Burger”

The “Old MacDonald’s Burger”, created by Funnybones Foodservice, caught the eyes of our judges for its creative flair and mind-blowing fillings and has won our Americana burger competition.
Funnybones entered their “Old MacDonald’s Burger” creation, highlighting that it contains many of the meats from the song!

They recommend toasting our Americana Mega Bun, then adding; a Hickory Smoked Mayo dressing, fresh salad, a 6oz wild boar burger, chipotle pulled chicken thigh, giant potato rosti, chilli jam pulled pork shoulder, course ground Irish beef burger, beef tomato, pulled hoisin duck leg, finished with crispy ‘’Shroomies’ (bread-crumbed Portobello mushrooms) and spicy jalapeno cheese sticks, not forgetting the skewer to hold it all together. What a creation – so good it won an iPad!