Authentic Mexican Tacos
Delicious Caribbean favourites
Authentic Mexican Nachos
The original meaning of the word Taco is a 'plug' or 'wad' used to fill a hole. This goes some way to fitting with the idea of a quick bite to fill an empty stomach.


Innovation has always been at the forefront of the Funnybones business.

Our inspiration and food ideas are drawn from around the world and from every section of the catering industry. Visits to Mexico and America are key to keeping ahead of our competitors, enabling us to spot the next food trends that are on their way to the UK.

However, this is not our only source of inspiration; the team at Funnybones have a wealth of experience in all areas of the food industry and are extremely passionate about sharing their ideas. It creates those eureka moments when a new product is born. At the same time, we never forget that our supply partners, many of whom also share a passion for innovation and development, regularly showcase their thoughts with us. Together we make a strong team that helps Funnybones stay ahead of the game – and the competition.

Our customers also play a valuable role. Their feedback on tastes and styles is vital as it enables us to create new products that create real demand; often it is their ideas and suggestions that help turn the seeds of an idea into something very exciting.

With the flow of ideas and information from all of these sources, our development team and development kitchen is constantly full of new recipes and new possibilities. We hope that this gives you the reassurance that by partnering with Funnybones, our knowledge, experience and support will provide you with a first class service and a product portfolio your customers will love.